Brake Repair Lakewood

Brake Repair

Brake Repair Lakewood

For fast and accurate brake repair in Lakewood, look no further than D & S Autocare. Accurate brake diagnosis and brake repair in Lakewood is incredibly important. With the twisty roads of the Northwest as well as frequently poor conditions, you want brakes you can count on. That starts with the diagnosis. Our skilled technicians know how to properly diagnose a brake system. Before we perform any brake repairs we always pinpoint the problem, making sure to speak with you first. We feel honesty and integrity are the grease that keep an auto repair shop running smoothly. You should always be comfortable, informed about the brake repair process, and feel confident in your Lakewood brake repair.

Brake Symptoms

There are a number of signs your brakes need repair. Some of the most common include:

  • Worn Pads – Your brakes use pads for stopping. These pads squeeze on the rotors that are attached to your axle, slowing your vehicle down. Over time these pads and rotors can wear out. Rotors should be visibly smooth. Pads should be at least a 1/4 inch thick. Our brake repair services include replacement, which will greatly improve stopping power and auto safety.
  • Squeals – If your brakes are squealing, you’ve likely gone through you pads entirely. This means the calipers are grinding against the rotors. Aside from leaving you with a greatly reduced ability to stop, this can lead to more expensive brake repair in Lakewood.
  • Pulling – When you car pulls to one side, you may have an issue with your braking system. If one of your calipers is stuck, and only one brake is actively stopping your vehicle it can cause this problem. A full diagnosis will help determine if this is the case.

There are a number of other brake issues to be mindful of. These include vibrations when braking and a mushy brake pedal. If you’ve experience any of the following in Lakewood, call (253) 582-4800 or contact D and S Autocare for scheduling as soon as possible.

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