Brakes Lakewood


Brakes Lakewood

When you need brake work in Lakewood, come to D & S Autocare. Brakes should never be set aside for another day. The Northwest weather can change in a heartbeat. Coupling windy roads and poor visibility with brakes in need of repair is a recipe for disaster. We want everyone in Lakewood to remain safe on the road. If you suspect a problem, or are in need of new brakes in Lakewood, don’t wait to schedule an appointment.

How Brakes Work

There are different types of brake systems. The vast majority of vehicles use disc brakes, though some may use drum brakes. Your car has a hydraulic system, which contains brake fluid. When you push on the brake pedal the increase in pressure on the master cylinder causes the vehicles brake pads to clamp down on the rotor. This system is attached to your axle, so pushing the brake causes your vehicle to slow down. Anti-lock brakes are controlled by computers, and will automatically account for skidding wheels. That’s why it’s always important to keep firm pressure on the brake peddle of a car with this feature, you will stop faster.

Brake Service

If you have any concerns come in for a full brake service in Lakewood. Our technicians will inspect your vehicles brake system to determine current levels of wear. If needed we have a variety of brake pads on hand in order to meet your needs. We can also turn your rotors and replace them if needed. Professional servicing of your brakes in Lakewood does more than keep you safe. It keeps your passengers safe, it keeps your family safe, and it gives you the greatest amount of control over your ability to stop your car quickly. When you need brakes in Lakewood, call (253) 582-4800 or contact D and S Autocare.

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No hard sell at all, always my choice, and they've always stayed well within my budget. That is the quality I've found every time I've been to their shop.

Brake Repair

Accurate brake diagnosis and brake repair in Lakewood is incredibly important. Our skilled technicians know how to properly diagnose a brake system.

We promise to give you the best service at competitive prices. We warranty all our work. Our company strives on the best customer service we can offer.

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