Check Engine Light Lakewood

Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light Lakewood

If you have a check engine light in Lakewood, come to D & S Autocare. A check engine warning light can mean many things. Depending on your vehicle year, make, and model, different diagnostic connectors are necessary. Sometimes the light comes on to indicate a very simple repair. We always recommend you make sure your gas cap is on tightly. A loose gas cap is one of the most likely reasons for a check engine light in Lakewood. It is also the easiest to fix. Schedule an appointment at our Lakewood facility for a comprehensive check engine light diagnosis. We’ll identify the indicated problem. A highly trained technician will inspect the indicated part or area before confirming a diagnosis.

How a Check Engine Light works

Vehicles with a this indicator have an on-board computer called an ECM or ECU. This stands for engine control module or unit. There are sensors throughout your vehicle that are in constant communication with the ECM. It ensures those connected parts on your Lakewood vehicle are meeting specified parameters for optimal performance. When one of those sensors detects a problem, it sends a code to the ECM as well as triggering your check engine light. Using special diagnostic tools we can retrieve your trouble code, and identify why your check engine light was activated. Reasons your check engine light can come on include:

Reasons for a Check Engine Light

  • Faulty Oxygen Sensors
  • Faulty Catalytic Converters
  • Faulty Spark Plugs or Wiring

This is just a small sample of why a check engine light might go on. Some of these can be incredibly simple fixes, some can be put off, some need to be immediately dealt with. After a thorough diagnosis our technician will go over their findings and answer any questions you may have before beginning repairs at your request. We always operate with the utmost honesty, and are honored to provide Lakewood with exceptional auto repairs. If you have a check engine light in Lakewood, don’t hesitate to call (253) 582-4800 or contact D and S Autocare.

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