Radiator Repair Lakewood

Radiator Repair

Radiator Repair Lakewood

For professional radiator repair in Lakewood, call D & S Autocare. When you need radiator repair, you want it repaired quickly. Our technicians have diagnosed and repaired radiators in every type of vehicle. It’s particularly crucial that a radiator repair in a performance and work vehicle are done correctly. A radiator is a vehicles primary means of cooling itself, in these vehicles it can wear out more quickly. We take extreme care with every radiator repair in Lakewood, ensuring that no matter what you drive, it receives the highest level of attention. There are certain indications you may be suffering from a failing radiator that requires radiator repair in Lakewood. If you encounter any of the following, don’t wait to call.

Radiator Repair Symptoms

  • Leaking Radiator – If you see any indication of a leak, you shouldn’t put it off. Not only is this fluid toxic to animals and humans alike, it also means your radiator is running low on a vital fluid. Radiator fluid is passed through the engine where it gets hot, and back through the radiator to remove that heat. Without proper fluid your engine may suffer.
  • Overheating – It’s important to get a full diagnosis if engine overheating occurs. This is quite often related to the radiator, and repairs or replacement may be necessary if this is the case. If an engine overheats too much it can destroy the engine, but is preventable with timely automotive care.
  • Pressure Drops – A corroded radiator doesn’t produce as much pressure at it should. This is easily tested with a pressure gauge by one of our technicians. If there is rust on your radiator it may also be indicative of corrosion or leak. The hot radiator fluid will cause the radiator to rust.

If you think you may be in need of radiator repair in Lakewood, call (253) 582-4800 or contact D and S Autocare today.

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